'🇮🇳 Will Lose Even if They Chase' ⁉

Responding to a query whether 🇮🇳 can fight it's way back into the series, former Australian captain Ian Chappell has suggested that 🇮🇳 will not be able to win the 3⃣rd ODI even if they chasehushed:. "Even if 🇮🇳 bowl first, Aus have the firepower💥 to score more than 350 and the 🇮🇳 batsmen will find the pressure too much😨". He said🔈 🇮🇳's bowling unit looks very weak and they should have brought Amit Mishra for the tour✈ as they lack an attacking spinner. He did say that 🇮🇳 aren't reliant on Rohit or Kohli as all their batsmen can chip in👍. He pointed out that Dhoni😎 has been very defensive👎 in his captaincy so far, looking to contain rather than strike😕.

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