🇮🇳 Tops Death-by-Selfie☠📷

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In 2015, 🇮🇳 accounted for about half of the selfie-related deaths☠📷 in the 🌍. The global total stands at 27. Last year, while taking selfies, 3 college students 👦🏽 died while trying to capture a selfie in front of a speeding train🚃, 7 youths died when their boat capsized while taking a selfie☠📷, a Japanese tourist in Agra slipped on the Taj Mahal’s🏯 stairs while taking a selfie. While taking a selfie a student in TN died when the rock he was standing on cracked, plunging him into a ravine☠📷. 2 students drowned 🏊in the Narmada, while trying to take a selfie. And of course, 2016 has already seen its first selfie deaths when 2 people drowned near the Mumbai sea-link🌉, also while taking a selfie, forcing the police to ban 🚫selfies in 16 zones in the city. Think twice before you click that next selfie, it just may be your last☠📷.

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