🛢Oil Down, 🌏Markets 💰 Tumble😳

  |   India News

Wall street tumbled😱 on Friday as oil prices went below $30💵 per barrel🛢 and fears over Chinese economy grew - S&P 500 sunk to it's lowest since October 2014😯. All major S&P sectors fell sharply📉. The energy⚡ sector has lost nearly half it's value since it's highs in late 2014, partly due to fears😨 over the China market where it's major stock indices slumped↘ overnight. The technology💻 sector was the biggest loser(down 3.15%) after Intel posted weak quarterly results😳. Dow Jones Index also fell👎 while US economic data was not encouraging, showing declining industrial outputs. "Investors are scared to death😱, specially as it's happening on New year", according to market strategist Phil Orlando.

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