Enrique👔: Neymar's Skillful, Grow up❗

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Luis Enrique👔 has warned😠 Bilbao that claiming to be disrespected when Neymar⚡ skillfully beat them will not stick in today's encounter at the Camp Nou. Neymar's⚡ attempted flick over Unai Bustinza's head in the closing stages of the 2014-15 Copa del Rey final🏆 was met with aggression from the Bilbao players. However, 'Lucho'👔 has insisted that the Brazilian's showboating is not an acceptable reason👎🏻 to target the player, revealing the referee will be quick to punish any offenders. He explained that, Neymar⚡ has his own style of playing football⚽ and him nutmegging or chipping his opponents shouldn't warrant such reckless hostilities. "There's no disrespect. If there's an opponent who doesn't understand that then there's a referee who can send him off."

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