Epic Break-up by a Football Fan👌😂

  |   Football / La Liga / FA Cup / EPL / ISL / UEFA

A football⚽ fan ended his relationship with his girlfriend using a 'wicked'😁 punch line in reference to Atletico Madrid, after she told him he would 'never find a girl like her'. The post📱 started trending after appearing on Facebook, and has been shared numerous times. The dude assured his now-ex girlfriend that if ATM could find replacement for the likes of Sergio Aguero⭐, Fernando Torres⭐, Radamel Falcao⭐ and Diego Costa⭐, then replacing her shouldn't be a challenge at all. That's a little brutal😁 and insensitive on the guy's part but thumbs up to Atletico for producing such talented stars⭐ and bringing in equally good ones to replace them but good luck to this bloke in his search for a new girlfriend!

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