🇮🇳IND-AUS🇦🇺: Key Strikes Leaves Game Evenly Poised😋

AUS 215-5 (38)

🇮🇳 have given themselves a chance to win✌ this match after taking the key wickets of Smith(41), Bailey(23) and Marsh(62) and Marsh(17)👌 to expose the Australian lower middle order for the first time in the series. Smith and Bailey were accounted for by Jadeja👏 who got Smith edge to slip before ripping an off break past Bailey to effect a lightning⚡ quick stumping. Ishant then induced an edge👍 from a set Marsh but India's inconsistent bowling has meant Aussie run rate is very high despite the fall of wickets😳. Marsh was run out in the 36th over after smart bit of keeping from Dhoni😎. Aussies bat very deep, having come into this match with 3 all rounders and 🇮🇳 needs to keep taking wickets as the required run rate is around the 6 run mark which is very low when the likes of Maxwell(39*) and Wade are at the crease with Faulkner and Hastings to follow😨.

Full Scorecard: *3

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