MP Slaps ✈️Air 🇮🇳 Manager😱, Arrested❗

  |   India News

PV Mithun Reddy, an Andhra Pradesh MP👤 was arrested in Chennai last night after he assaulted👊 an Air India✈ employee at the Tirupati airport in November. He slapped the employee after he refused✋ to issue boarding passes for his relatives as they were late. Mr.Reddy, member of YSR Congress has been judicially remanded to Nellore jail for 14 days😳. Though the YSR Congress have dismissed the accusations, terming it politically motivated, CCTV footage📹 has shown the employee being pushed around by the politician👎. Mr.Reddy had been absconding ever since a complaint was filed🏃. But he was stopped at the Chennai airport when coming back from Bangkok after the Andhra Pradesh police👮 issued a look out notice⚠ for him.

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