OMG 😱 Kejriwal 🖊INKED❗️Watch 📹

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Arvind Kejriwal was addressing an audience of 5000 today at a congratulatory 🎉event to review Delhi's odd/even 🚗 scheme. A woman, 👩🏽 described to be in her 20s approached the podium and proceeded to throw ink🖊, papers 📰 and a CD 📀 at the Chief Minister. The Delhi Government has been criticised for inadequate security at the event. While being taken away by the police, the woman, identified only as Bhavna said "I have proof of him (Kejriwal) being involved in the CNG scam❗️"

Kejriwal asked for the woman's grievances to be better understood. Watch the inking here📹

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