🎯Poll Results : Do ☀️Sunny & Nikki Haley Look Alike ❓

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Well, there you have it 👀❗️ Sunny ☀️ and Nikki may have a few things in common - they are both of 🇮🇳Indian origin and were born in North America to wholesome Punjabi Sikh families😜. However Duta users vote, and we're an intelligent bunch, so according to popular opinion they do not ❌ look similar❗️ We're glad nobody will be mistaking a 🇺🇸Vice Presidential hopeful with an 🔥adult film 📹actress any time soon❗️

The result for the poll is:

🎯 Poll : Do you think Sunny and Nikki Haley look alike ❓

(Result in percent)

1⃣7⃣: Yes, they sooo look alike, woah❗️

8⃣3⃣: No❗️ You kiddin'❓ They don't❗️

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