Rahul Gandhi👆 on Start-Ups⬆

  |   Tech News

The whole country is excited😛 about start-ups and Rahul too has something to share on the topic, but not in the same way as everyone else. On Saturday, the Congress✋ VP pointed his guns against the Modi✌🔫 govt. and said, "There's a huge contradiction in saying: I want start-ups but I will be intolerant👺." He also said that the RSS’s🚩 vision for 🇮🇳is too rigid, “This country requires flexibility, openness and movement of ideas,” adding that they would fail📉 on the economy if they continue to remain intolerant. He also accused the BJP🔸 of being discriminatory, saying, “The BJP🔸 has categories: There's a Hindu🕉 for them, a Muslim☪ for them, a woman🙍🏻 for them.” He said that start-up’s biggest problem was red tape⛔: “If you are a big business, you can get around regulations and put pressure on politicians.”

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