Rep🇮🇳 Day: No Camel🐫 Contingent ‼

  |   India News

One of the attractions✨ of the Republic Day🇮🇳 parade on Jan 26th every year, the Camel🐫 Contingent, will not be marching down the Rajpath - for the first time ever😱. According to officials, the 90 member BSF force has not been practicing😯 for the parade in the absence of official orders. BSF's camel squad🐫 replaced the army's camel squad in 1976 and has participated in every Republic Day🇮🇳 parade so far👌. The squad features 2⃣ contingents, a marching one🏃 and a band🎷, which plays martial music. This year's parade has seen many changes like inclusion of Army dogs🐶 and exclusion of paramilitary forces.

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