Stoke Fans Hate Wenger👔 ⁉

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Arsene Wenger👔 has admitted that encounters against Stoke City are even more physical😁 than against Arsenal's fiercest rivals Tottenham. The vendetta😡 with Stoke stretches back to 2010 when Aaron Ramsey suffered a double fracture😁 in his leg after Ryan Shawcross' horrific tackle. Wenger👔 branded the tackles from Stoke's defenders as "more like rugby🏈", causing an abusive😡 reaction from the Stoke faithfuls. However, while Stoke's approach has changed under Mark Hughes👔, Wenger said he felt more aggression😡 from Stoke fans than Tottenham supporters. "I don't know why there is more antipathy from Stoke fans. It is maybe more aggressive than Tottenham." he said.

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