Driver 🚘 Aged 103 with No Accidents❗

  |   India News

Say hello to Giovanni Rozzo, a 103-year-old UK🇬🇧 grandfather who happens to have 80+ years of driving🚘 experience and 0⃣ road accidents on his driving record. Hailing from Cambridge, Rozzo is a former ice cream🍧 seller and milkman🍶, he drives daily in his blue 23-year-old Mitsubishi Lancer🚘 to visit the grave of his wife who died last year. Since there’s no upper age limit for driving in the UK🇬🇧, Rozzo, who has 3⃣ children and 4⃣ grandchildren, said he has no intention of stopping driving. A clerk in the Italian army, he began driving when he was 20👦🏻 and migrated to the UK🇬🇧 in 1953. Rozzo says he’s still fit, confident and has good eyesight👀. However, he did get fined💷 for speeding twice, but says it was many years ago😜.

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