C. Marfo's🎤 Church⛪ Witness an Angel👼🏻

  |   Ghana News

On New Year's Eve 🎅🏼, popular gospel musician🎤 who is also a Prophetess of God, Cecilia Marfo, held a church service⛪ mainly to appreciate God for His protection and guidance from the entire year without any blemish🙏🏻. It happened that, while the service was going on, Cecilia Marfo🎤 revealed to the congregants that, she has seen a lot of Angels👼🏻 and doves moving around. One of the congregants, Emmanuel Annan Danso, who took pictures📷 of the event explained that he saw an image in the likeness of an Angel👼🏻 in his camera lens📷. According to him, he was surprised😱 and decided to look outside the camera lens but there was nothing there😳 so he looked into the camera again and saw the same image moving very fast. He quickly took ✌🏻 shots of the image📷 and lo and behold, he captured them.

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