Colas🛢 Can’t Handle Modi✌❗️

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At Saturday's Startup 🇮🇳 event, when PM Modi✌ suggested that at least 2% natural fruit🍒 juice should be added to carbonated drinks🍾 to provide farmers a market for their produce, soft drink industry executives were stunned😳 and said that the measure is impossible to implement for the entire category of products. The plan would be hard to implement in an industry concerned with a proposal to increase tax💰 on cola under the upcoming FSSAI rule and GST bill📜. A senior exec. at a cola company said, “It's impossible to add fruit🍐 juice in all our existing products; it will ruin our trademark formula. But we are working on a few additional 🍎🍊🍋variants with juice-and carbonated blends.” There are concerns however, over the reduced shelf life and increased preservatives in dealing with adding fruit juice🍑 to aerated drinks.

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