🇺🇸 Fumes😤 as Tourist Dies in Goa❗

  |   India News

An American tourist was mistaken for a thief👺 and chased by the locals and cops👮 in Goa, only for the tourist to fall into a paddy field🌾 and choke to death in the muddy waters last week😯. The incident has now potentially turned into a diplomatic flare up😤 after a team of US officials visited Goa to ascertain the cause of death of Caitanya Lila Holt😠. Goa's Congress has slammed😡 the ruling BJP, accusing them of covering up the death. It is said the villagers had seen👀 Mr.Holt in suspicious circumstances and could not understand his accent, leading them to believe he was a thief👺. The US team have visited the paddy field🌾 in question and have questioned some of the villagers in the vicinity😳.

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