Kabir Bedi Weds ❤️ at 70 - Trouble Already❓

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Kabir Bedi (70) tied the knot 💍 with Parveen Dusanj (41) in an intimate ceremony in Alibaug. The couple 👫 has been together for 🔟 years ❤️ now and they broke this news to their close friends and family 👪 in an interesting manner. The couple sent out invitations for Kabir's 70th Birthday 🎂 and his family and friends flew in for the celebration 🎉. The card read, "Kabir Bedi and Parveen Dusanj invite you to Kabir’s birthday, and come early for the Sufi performance 🎤." The idea was that after hearing a soulful Sufi recital, Kabir and Parveen would make the surprise announcement 📢.

This is the 4th marriage for Kabir, and his daughter from his first marriage, Pooja Bedi is none too happy about it. She is older than Bedi's new bride by 5 years 😜. Pooja took to social media with the following 'welcome' message: "Every fairy tale has a wicked witch or an evil step-mother! Mine just arrived! @iKabirBedi just married @parveendusanj."

Pooja - shouldn't you have more maturity❓

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