TRAI📡: Give Consumers Their 📞Rights

  |   Tech News

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)📡 an independent regulator of telecommunications businesses in India, told the Delhi HC🏤 that consumers have the right to be compensated for cellular 📶 call drops📞⬇. Telecom companies said that a regulation without statutory⚖ backing cannot be created even if consumers were facing a problem. Consumer groups supported👍 the regulation put forth by TRAI saying that the compensation was "societal compensation" and should not be taken away. Earlier, TRAI📡 had termed call drops a "pervasive problem," calling the current regulations "harassment"😓 of consumers & a breach of contract . After the hearing, the court reserved its judgement on the petition of the COAI, the AUSPI and 21 telecom operators📶.

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