National Bravery Awards👏 for 25 Kids👦

  |   India News

22 boys👦 and 3 girls👧 have been selected for the National Bravery Awards👏 for various acts of courage, including 2⃣ who will receive it posthumously😯. Gaurav Sahastrabuddhe, a 15 year old from Maharashtra, who sacrificed his life as he saved 4⃣ of his friends will get the 'Bharat Award'👏, the highest bravery honour👍. His parents will receive it on his behalf. Shivanshu Singh, 🔟, died during a failed attempt to rescue his friend from drowning in the Saryu river🌊 has also been honoured for bravery posthumously. 8⃣year old Shivampet Ruchita of Telangana will receive the prestigious Geeta Chopra award👏 for saving 2⃣ lives after a train🚋 hit her school bus🚌. 16 year old Arjun Singh from Uttarakhand will get the Sanjay Chopra award for fighting off a tiger🐯 to save his mother😳. Eligible children will be given financial assistance💵 to complete their schooling in addition to other benefits👏.

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