5⃣ Facts About Sundar Pichai👓

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⃣1⃣ Though Android names it's OSs after sweets🍫, Pichai doesn't have a sweet-tooth, and as a child mixed sambar with his payasam to make it less sweet😝.

⃣2⃣ Pichai, when studying at IIT Kharagpur, made sure he got off at the right end of the platform of Kharagpur Station🚉, one of India's longest railway platforms, as it wasn't fun if you got off at the wrong end and were lugging heavy bags👜.

⃣3⃣ Back in his younger days phone☎ numbers were only six digits long and he built the habit of remembering every phone number☎ that he had dialled or heard about.

⃣4⃣ All that changed when he moved to US🇺🇸, where phone numbers had 🔟 digits and lost the habit once he got a smart📱which would save the numbers for him.

⃣5⃣ We're quite sure he's a romantic❤ as he married his University sweetheart💞, Anjali Pichai, who was a chemical engineering⚗ student and same year batchmate at IIT Kharagpur.

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