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Recently actress Sunny Leone appeared on CNN-IBN's 📺 "The Hot Seat" where she was interviewed 📢 by Bhupendra Chaubey. This was probably one of those interviews that can't really be called an interview because Chaubey rudely tried his best to put Sunny down 😐 and ask questions like "How can you have no regrets for doing porn? 😶" Sunny conducted her self with grace 👌 and showed herself to be the bigger person during this interview. Bollywood took the actress side and several celebs voiced 🔊their opinions in support of Sunny. Alia Bhatt said 🔊, "That was literally NOT ❌ an interview.. Just hyper opinionated statements with a question mark at the end!!! No Grace? Chivalry? Ridiculous!". Rishi Kapoor also said 🔊,"Very unfair & rude interview with Sunny Leone on CNN IBN. She is taking it on her chin sportingly, obviously in the interest of her coming film 🎥." Good going Sunny ☀