Bodies💀 Still in Ganga River😱

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On Monday, Varanasi's scheme to clean the River Ganga🏞 was described as a failure by India's🇮🇳 top environmental court. The court rebuked both the Centre and the UP govt🏤, saying, “your slogans are very contrary to your actions,” as no efforts to stop human and animal corpses💀 from being dumped in the Ganga have been taken. The National Green🌳 Tribunal has asked for an answer by 27 Jan on who should be held accountable for the increasing📈 pollution in the river in Varanasi, which is Modi's✌ constituency, while rejecting the state and Centre's blame on local officials. In 2014, during his campaign, the PM Modi✌ said he would take personal responsibility for restoring the river, near Varanasi - a statement that gave him a huge victory🎉. The Supreme Court has been critical😤 of the government's plans to restore the river saying it "would take 200 years" to yield results.

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