🇮🇳 Deploy Aircrafts✈ to Ward off 🇨🇳China😳

  |   India News

Defense Ministry sources🔈 have revealed that 🇮🇳's 2⃣ most potent👌 submarine hunters - Naval Poseidon-8I aircraft✈ - will be deployed along the Andaman & Nicobar islands to counter the threat ⚠ of Chinese submarines which have been spotted👀 regularly in the Indian Ocean Region😳. 🇮🇳 will also send spy drones and long range patrol aircrafts✈ to it's forward military base in Andaman & Nicobar. India has inducted 8⃣ P-8I aircraft✈ at INS Rajali Naval Air Base in Arakkonam in Tamil Nadu. Armed with deadly harpoons, torpedoes, rockets🚀 and depth charges💥, P-8I is ideal to nuetralise enemy subs💪. Andaman & Nicobar islands lie in a strategic area which straddles many trade routes🚢, and as such is vital and needs to be protected.

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