Few GoT Details Divulged ❗🎥: https://goo.gl/VaarBi

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HBO released a promo video 📹 and among other shows 📺 and movies 🎥 it gives us a glimpse of "Game of Thrones" season 6⃣. We get a sneak peak 👀 of Jaime decked out in golden armour on a horse 🐎. To elaborate on this clip with some spoiler knowledge, 🙌 this could possibly mean that Jaime mounts up and heads to the Sept of Baelor either to force 👊 the High Sparrow to release Margaery, or to pick her up while sending a message that the Crown 👑 means business. Either way, she’s released without a fuss 👌 We can't wait for the trailer to come out to get a little more detail of what is in store for us in this next season 🎉. Click on the link to watch the HBO promo video🎥: https://goo.gl/VaarBi

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