Gayle😍 Hits Out at Critics😳, Spectacularly👌

After a summer of controversies down under, 😍Chris Gayle took a parting shot🔫 at his vocal critics before he left Australia after the Renegades' BBL🏆 campaign came to an end. Gayle posted an online message😯 in response to past cricketers who had opined that 😍Gayle made himself look like a 'chop', was not a good role model for youngsters to "Kiss his Black Rass" 😅 (We've got no idea what he means by that😉). The message was aimed🎯 at English legend Andrew Flintoff who voiced his support for Mel McLaughlin, the TV📺 reporter who conducted the controversial interview🎙, and former Aussie opener Chris Rogers who claimed youngsters should distance themselves😳 from Gayle. Chris Gayle also made it a point to support those who stood by him👍 during the tough times and said he will be back to Australia.