Kat's 🐱 Statement About Salman 💪

  |   Salman Khan / Bollywood / Katrina Kaif

Looks like the rumours about Kat 🐱 meeting Salman 💪 amid her break up 💔 with Ranbir Kapoor has bothered the actress to the point where she has released an official statement 📢 clarifying the above. Katrina happened to meet Sallu at a party 🎉hosted by the 🎥"Sultan" team and was seen spending time with Ali Abbas Zafar. Kat's official spokesperson said 🔊, "Ali Abbas Zafar is Katrina's close friend and she attends his birthday 🎂 party every year, and this year was no ❌ different. Ali happens to be directing Sultan with Salman, which is why he was on the guest list, along with a whole bunch of other people, including Kabir Khan. There was no secret meeting between Katrina and Salman. Request people to please have some respect and not concoct stories which are untrue." 😶

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