Poll Results👥: Machines🤖 to take over our jobs⁉

  |   India News

After a survey👥 revealed that 4⃣ out of 🔟 youngsters in the world are worried😟 about losing their jobs to machines and robots🤖, we asked you what you thought of the debate. The results📊 have largely mirrored that of the survey with a slight majority for people who think artificial intelligence is just a myth😏, even though a size-able chunk believe technology💻 is developing fast and our education system needs to keep abreast😳.

The result for the poll is:- (Result in percent)

4⃣5⃣: Yes😕, technology is developing fast, it's a matter of time😱

5⃣5⃣: No, not happening👎, robots will never be that smart❗️