Mr. Roshan Files Defamation Case👊❗

  |   Hrithik Roshan / Bollywood

Apparently actor Sudhanshu Pandey had accused director 🎬 Rakesh Roshan and Sanjay Gupta of fraud and theft 😶. The latest development on this case is that Rakesh Roshan has filed a defamation case 👊 against the actor. Pandey has been accused of issuing a false, derogatory and defamatory article in the newspapers 📰 and also filing complaints in film trade associations against Roshan for a script owned by some third person 🙈. Rakesh Roshan said🔊, "A lot of people come to me, so that doesn’t mean anything. I haven’t even announced my film 🎥, so what conclusion has he come to?" However Sudhanshu has a different story to tell 😐, he has said that he has not ❌ filed a complaint against Mr. Roshan or Sanjay Gupta but against writers 📝 Shiraz Ayaz Ahmed and Vijay Kumar Mishra who took his script and got another writer, Vijay involved.

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