🌈🇮🇳's Openly Gay Prince👑

  |   India News

When Crown Prince👑 Manvendra Singh Gohil, announced📢 that he was a homosexual, it not only made headlines that he was the World's 🌍first openly 🌈gay prince, but also outraged his commuinity. His parents publicly disowned😤 him in a newspaper🗞 advert. Prince Manvendra, 40, was also risking his own freedom, as homosexual acts in India were punishable by 🔟 years to life in prison. After his divorce, he came to terms with his sexuality and began helping the gay🌈 community in 🇮🇳. He opened up about his difficulties to Oprah on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” telling his story to the 🌍. Today, his mother doesn't ' create any obstacles' for him anymore, and his father has recanted the disownment. The Prince has launched a grassroots campaign called Free Gay🌈 India, to raise awareness about India's anti-gay laws & remains focused on helping the gay community achieve their rightful freedom✊.

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