Salman Khan

Anushka Starts Shooting for 🎥 "Sultan"

Actress Anushka Sharma is all set to start shooting for 🎥 "Sultan" and security 💂 has been beefed up so that no onlookers 👀can capture a glimpse of Anushka. Word is that Salman will join Anushka sometime next week 👏. Earlier there were rumours that "Sultan will have 2⃣ lead actress but Anushka …

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Kat's 🐱 Statement About Salman 💪

Looks like the rumours about Kat 🐱 meeting Salman 💪 amid her break up 💔 with Ranbir Kapoor has bothered the actress to the point where she has released an official statement 📢 clarifying the above. Katrina happened to meet Sallu at a party 🎉hosted by the 🎥"Sultan" team and was seen spending time …

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Sallu 💪 Shares His Seat With Harshali 😀

Superstar ⭐️ Salman Khan has always been a major hit 👊 with kids. Sallu's film with little Harshali Malhotra 🎥"Bajrangi Bhaijaan" was a total blockbuster 💥 and naturally Salman has a soft spot 💛 for this little one. During the 61st Filmfare Award 🏆 ceremony he saw Harshali a few seats behind him, he greeted …

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