B-Town 👍 Sunny ☀

Recently actress Sunny Leone appeared on CNN-IBN's 📺 "The Hot Seat" where she was interviewed 📢 by Bhupendra Chaubey. This was probably one of those interviews that can't really be called an interview because Chaubey rudely tried his best to put Sunny down 😐 and ask questions like "How can you have no …

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Adult Films ⬆️

The film industry's raunchy 😉 side is set to play out with 2⃣ sex comedies coming out, 🎥 "Kyaa Kool Hain Hum" and 🎥 "Mastizaade". There are been a sort of revival of this genre in the industry as they seem to do well at the box office 💥. Anything that churns out money …

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Sunny ❌ Pan Masala Ads ❗

In response to the Delhi government's appeal to actors to stop 🚫 endorsing pan masala, actress Sunny ☀ Leone has promptly 👌 responded back to the government saying she will not ❌ sign any further contracts for endorsement of such products 🙌. The Heath Department Officials confirmed that Sunny's husband ❤️ Daniel Weber contacted them to …

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