Trump To Take On Apple🍎 ⁉

  |   India News

US Presidential Candidate for 2016 Elections, Donald Trump has claimed that if he was elected President👤, he would get tech heavyweight Apple🍎 Inc to manufacture all it's devices in USA🇺🇸. His speech🔈 at the Liberty University bordered on the ridiculous as he claimed that he will impose 35% tax on goods manufactured outside US😳 while claiming to support free trade😅. Apple, with the exception of Mac Pro💻, outsources most of it's devices to Foxconn in China😯. He claimed that if elected, he will stop Apple from manufacturing outside the USA, while conveniently forgetting that the US President does not have the power💪 to stop a company from outsourcing❌ without making new laws which will hinder free trade - a policy he says he champions✌.
People have stopped taking you seriously, Mr.Trump ❗

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