UK🇬🇧 Muslims☪ Must Learn English❕

  |   India News

On Monday, UK🇬🇧 PM David Cameron said at least 190K Muslim women living in Britain, 22% of the local Muslim☪ population, are unable to speak English and announced📢 the launch of a 💲30 M English language tuition fund to help combat social isolation of Muslim☪ women and empower them. He said that to qualify for a British Passport, they must become fluent in English, and said that to help Britain build a strong✊ society, the “passive tolerance😒” of separate communities must end as it could lead towards radicalisation😡 and extremism. Several say that Cameron is demonizing Muslim☪ communities by initiating the rule. Shuja Shafi, of the Muslim Council of Britain said Cameron is wrong❌ to link language skills with better integration to society, and issues like institutional patriarchy🤐, discrimination and Islamophobia😥 are bigger issues for women🙍🏻.

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