Zidane👔: Benzema's Ban🚫 is France's Loss

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Zidane👔 insists it will be a mistake😳 on the part of the French Football Federation (FFF) to let Benzema's⭐ ban🚫 stand till June to prevent him from participating in the European Championship🏆. The Euros will be hosted by France🇫🇷 and Zidane👔 believes his country's chances of winning the tournament🏆 will be severely hampered😁 with Benzema⭐ sidelined. "France🇫🇷 cannot afford to ignore a player of Benzema's calibre🙌🏻," Zidane👔 told reporters. Benzema has not attempted to have his FFF-imposed ban🚫 lifted while still insisting his innocence🙌🏻 in any involvement in a criminal conspiracy against Valbuena.

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