"Bigg Boss 9" update ❗

  |   Salman Khan / Bollywood

"Bigg Boss 9" 📺 is getting intense now. All the contestants mutually picked Keith as the most deserving candidate among them to win the show 🙌. While fights in this house have been unavoidable, a new clash 👊 now separates the cool group in the house. The housemates were asked to pass on a 'Season Nomination' trophy 🏆 to the person they wanted to nominate. The problem started when Keith passed the trophy to Nora which upset Prince 😠. Furthermore Prince heard that Rochelle has been going around telling everyone to nominate Prince as he has been nominated only twice. It got worse when Kishwer passed it on to her 'brother' Prince which ticked Rochelle off. Kishwer also made it clear that for her Prince is above Rochelle. 😶

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