Delhi🌆 air results after day #⃣1⃣

  |   India News

Data on Jan 1⃣ shows that levels of PM2.5 fell sharply📉 between 7am & 12 noon compared to the day before. SAFAR’s monitoring stations, & DPCC’s real-time air quality monitoring showed that Anand Vihar and Mandir Marg reported acute dips📉, after about 1 lakh cars🚗 were ‘offline’ on Friday. Air quality started deteriorating again after 6⃣pm, probably due to the traffic peaking as celebrations began. At Anand Vihar, PM2.5 concentrations almost halved✂ from 395µg/m³ (micrograms per cubic metre) at 8am to 150µg/m³ at 2.30pm❗ At Mandir Marg, PM2.5 concentration fell from 241µg/m³ at 8am to 34µg/m³ at 5.30pm, before rising to 145µg/m³ at 6.30pm‼ DPCC will release a detailed analysis📝 of the ban hours on Saturday, but for now it looks like a big win👍 for AAP.

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