Microsoft sues Corel🎈 over 'Stupid' patent❗

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Last month, due to infringement of 9⃣of its patents, Microsoft sued Corel🎈 as apps like Corel Write✍ and Corel Calculate📟 are using the company's patented technologies one of which was a software 🔍zoom🔎 slider. Digital rights group, Electronic Frontier Foundation, called Microsoft's slider-centric patent the "Stupid Patent of the Month"😝. If Microsoft wins the lawsuit, Corel🎈 would have to to hand over all of the profit 💰from Corel Home Office, which is, well… crazy, as it would set a precedent in which a simple design patent can be used to destroy legitimate competition. Microsoft says that it didn’t start the fight as Corel🎈 did the same thing to them in July 2015 when Corel said that Microsoft's Preview application was using its "RealTime Preview" feature invented by Corel🎈.

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