Modi✌ to introduce start-up blueprint📝

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In 2⃣ weeks, PM Modi will unveil the blueprint of ‘Start Up 🇮🇳’ programme which may include a Start-ups and Entrepreneurship Law⚖ to make it easier for people to set up new ventures, close ❌ unfeasible ones, and clear regulatory issues that hinder financial access. The govt. is seeking to define ‘Innovative💡 Start-ups’ which are different from conventional business models and would be given government funding up to 25% stake, through domestic venture capital funds💰. After the gain acquired in 2/3 years, other investors can buy back the govt.’s stake. Over 65% of successful 👍start-ups relocate abroad, usually to Singapore, due to difficulty 😒 in doing business in 🇮🇳 and 90% of start-up funding comes from foreign VC and PE funds💰.

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