Kidney donation✌ goes online👍

  |   India News

To tackle the growing illegal kidney trade, while prioritizing those in urgent need of renal transplant, the Govt is proposing that patients requiring a kidney transplant will register online and which will be approved👍 by a kidney advisory committee after evaluating👀 the need for renal transplant. On approval, patients will be put on "active" or "priority list". Currently, kidney donation is a legal maze with studies showing 1-1.5lakh patients requiring renal transplants but only 3,500-4000 receiving it😮 The guidelines suggest that patients should be of up to 65 years of age to be eligible and also state that allocation will be done first based on city waiting list. Patients who no longer have dialysis access, with end stage renal disease and those requiring multi-organ transplant will get priority✌

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