Ramos "steals" Messi's baby👶

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Sergio Ramos🤓 is in a sticky situation after the player celebrated👯 New Year by sharing a collage of important moments of 2015 in pictures📸 with his fans. However, what has got people talking is one particular picture📸 of a woman💁🏻 and a baby👶🏻. Ideally one will think it is a picture📸 of his wife and second kid but shockingly😳, it was that of Antonella💁🏻 (Messi's wife) and Mateo (their second son)😱. It took Ramos hours⏱ to realize his mistake😬 and switch the picture with that of his wife😆. Wonder what Lionel Messi thought😉 of that mix up ‼

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