Sallu says ❌ to a 3⃣ Khan film ❗

  |   Aamir Khan / Salman Khan / Bollywood / India News / Shahrukh Khan

If you had any hope that the 3⃣ Khans of Bollywood will feature in one movie 🎥 you are in a for a little disappointment 😔. SRK said that Sallu 💪 Bhai put an end to these talks when he said that if the 3⃣ of them do a film together they will only end up fighting 👊. Sallu being practical about it said, “Who will produce it, and who will finance it? 💰More importantly, who will write the script? How will the roles be justified?” Sallu even said that any two among the 3 mights still be in a better position to do a film together with a third Khan like maybe Saif Ali Khan.

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