Saudi executes🔪 47 prisoners😱

  |   India News

Saudi Arabia announced it had executed🔪 47 prisoners convicted of terrorism charges😲 The prisoners include al-Qaida detainees and a prominent Shia cleric who rallied protests against the government❗ Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, the Shia cleric, had been a vocal🔈 critic of Bahrain's Sunni-led monarchy👑, which in 2011 suppressed the 2011 Shia-led protests with the help of Saudi 👮. Before his arrest in 2012, al-Nimr had 🔈 against the killing of protesters and other injustices. The execution of the al-Qaida terrorists, convicted over 💣 and 🔫 in Saudi Arabia, has also raised fear😔 over revenge attacks. A number of human rights organizations around the 🌐 have condemned this execution of dozens of people in a single day after allegedly unfair" trials.

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