Salman Khan

"Bigg Boss 9" update ❗

"Bigg Boss 9" 📺 is getting intense now. All the contestants mutually picked Keith as the most deserving candidate among them to win the show 🙌. While fights in this house have been unavoidable, a new clash 👊 now separates the cool group in the house. The housemates were asked to pass on …

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Sallu's 💪 promise to launch Tiger 🐯

Salman Khan made a promise to his personal bodyguard 👊 of many years Shera that he would launch 🚀 his son Tiger 🐯. Salman keeping to his word has brought Tiger on board for 🎥 "Sultan". Salman was inspired by Shera for his movie 🎥 "Bodyguard" and he is very found of him. Sallu has …

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Sallu says ❌ to a 3⃣ Khan film ❗

If you had any hope that the 3⃣ Khans of Bollywood will feature in one movie 🎥 you are in a for a little disappointment 😔. SRK said that Sallu 💪 Bhai put an end to these talks when he said that if the 3⃣ of them do a film together they will …

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