Shahrukh Khan

SRK to retire 😲 ❓

The name of Shah Rukh Khan is synonymous with awards 🏆. Over these year King 👑 Khan has won so many awards that it is hard to even keep count 😎. However SRK has never ❌ won a National Award in his career. The superstar ⭐ is really keen to win one and even said …

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Sallu says ❌ to a 3⃣ Khan film ❗

If you had any hope that the 3⃣ Khans of Bollywood will feature in one movie 🎥 you are in a for a little disappointment 😔. SRK said that Sallu 💪 Bhai put an end to these talks when he said that if the 3⃣ of them do a film together they will …

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