3⃣ Khans Also Support Sunny☀

  |   Bollywood / Salman Khan / Aamir Khan / Sunnyleone / Shahrukh Khan

Sunny ☀ Leone was recently targeted 🎯 by journalist 📣 Bhupendra Chaubey who made the actress feel very uncomfortable 😐 with his sexist questions. Through the interview he kept digging 👊 at Sunny's past hoping that she would admit that her past was a mistake. While several celebrities have come out in support 😊 of Sunny, the Khans of the industry have in their own way also shown their support to her in the past. Shah Rukh Khan had admitted that he would love to work 👌 with Sunny when he attended the premiere of her movie 🎥"Jackpot". Sallu 💪 has also praised Sunny for the kind of hard work 🙌 she puts in to be in the industry. Even Aamir Khan who is not ❌ very active on social media replied to Sunny when she called him hot 😏. Well, this interview has proved that Sunny does have a support system in B-town☺.

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