BB9: Prince's Awkward Moments😂

  |   Salman Khan / Bollywood

Bigg Boss is not ❌ letting the finalists have it easy, this time around Prince has been put in an awkward place 😶. Both the women that Prince had a thing for in the 'Bigg Boss' house 🏡 are back with some serious questions for him 😐. Yes, Nora and Yuvika are back. Prince had proposed to Yuvika with a heart ❤️ shaped paratha, and Yuvika asked him if that was part of the game or if any of it was real 😑 because when she left the house Prince developed feeling for Nora 🙈. Even Nora demanded an explanation from Prince and Prince tells her that she is the one 😳. However in yet another twist Gizele also makes an entry and tells Prince that he always gave her the impression that he was in love ❤️ with Yuvika and not Nora 😂😒. YIKES. Prince, make up your mind.

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