Poll Results 📊: Can 🇮🇳 Chase Down 348 ❓

We asked you whether 🇮🇳 could have chased Australia's target of 348-8. Most of the readers thought they can👍 and were proved almost right until an astonishing collapse😱 lost the game for 🇮🇳. Those who thought the pressure would get to 🇮🇳 would be hiding a smirk😏 now.

The result for the poll is: (Result in percent)

6⃣2⃣: Yes👍, Rohit, Kohli & Co will chase this target🎯 down.

3⃣4⃣: No👎, the pressure will get to them.

⬜5⃣: The game will end up as a tie😏.