Prez👔 Hints of More Taxes💰

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Huge debts💰 have been accumulated by the Government🏤 and Utility💡🚿 companies and Ghanaians are going to pay💰 for their negligence. The Prez👔 revealed that the country has lost billions of cedis💰 due to the drop of crude oil prices and so Ghanaians are all going to contribute to set off the debt💰. He assured👍🏻 this was the best alternative👌🏻 amongst the set of options available.

🔸Citizen's Headache
Crude oil prices💰 have gone ridiculously low (below $30) so why is the country, a net importer of crude, not benefiting?
🔸Why do fuel prices💰 keep increasing although the market price💰 is reducing?

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