Rep🇮🇳 Day: Camel🐫 Contingent Back ON ❗

  |   India News

Ministry of Defense have decided to include BSF's camel🐫 contingent in the Republic Day🇮🇳 Parade on Jan 26th after all, keeping alive a 66 year old tradition👍. After opting not to include❌ the iconic contingent initially, the Ministry have asked BSF to mobilise the squad for the parade😕. The first rehearsals were carried out today morning while the squad have been ready for almost 3⃣ months. With less than a week to go for the show piece✨ event, the Ministry's puzzling course of action might be the "straw that broke the 'Camel's🐫 back"😅.

So much 🐫 camel confusion❗️