🌈🇮🇳's First LGBT Taxi🚕 Service❕

  |   India News

Mumbai🌃 will soon see radio-taxi service “Wings Rainbow🌈” which will drive you around the city with a member of the city's LGBT🌈 community at thr wheel. Founded by Humsafar Trust and Wings Travel, the first batch of drivers will be 2⃣ transgender people and 3⃣ gay men driving cabs in the next 3⃣ months. According to director Pallav Patankar, after the Supreme Court's Rights of Transgender Persons Bill, there have been several queries by corporates approaching Humsafar to hire LGBT🌈 members. Patankar hopes that this will encourage members of the hijra and transgender community to take advantage of the programme. One driver said, “We were at first a bit awkward😶 about dressing up in trousers👖 and shirts👕. But when we were told that we could drive around formally draped in a sari👘, we were comfortable.” He added, “Only when livelihood issues are resolved will our community really come out of the poor condition it is trapped in.”

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